About Us

Multiply empowers IT leaders with the tools they need  to unify and scale their IT Asset Management strategies. Multiply creates connection from chaos by bridging disconnected data, systems, and teams to streamline workflows.

From global enterprises to high-growth scaleups, Multiply partners with IT leaders to implement a seamless playbook to enhance employee experience and trust of their workforce, regardless of where their employees work. 

Through our unique blend of consulting, managed services, and software solutions, Multiply  simplifies complex physical and digital problems felt in hybrid and remote-first work environments. 

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Unifying IT Asset Management

What We Do


Multiply doesn’t just hand you the playbook and walk away, leaving you with all the work.

We come alongside your IT team to implement complex components of the IT lifecycle and strategy.


Working smarter, not harder in IT means that systems are seamlessly connected.

Multiply’s software solutions create connection across data, systems, and teams.


Unifying and standardizing IT operations across a global workforce can be daunting.

Multiply’s ITAM consultancy meets you where you are to streamline your processes.

Origin Story

Our founders, Doug Booth and Aaron Padgett, have supported every function across IT. For us, innovation was born out of pain. Getting accurate and timely data to complete simple tasks like setting up a computer was too complicated. Doug and Aaron wanted to do something about it.

After a large acquisition in 2013, we helped lead the IT cutover of 3,000 employees. Instead of using an army of technicians to accomplish the goal, we built our first product to automate the computer swap process. We have never looked back. Fast forward to today, our global solutions are used by the Fortune 10.

Our goal remains the same… to take the complexity out of IT. In the process of doing so, we give our team dignity in doing meaningful work that we can be proud of, while delighting our customers.

Aaron Padgett

Co-Founder, CFO

Doug Booth

Co-Founder, CEO

Multiply the Good

We believe in the power of using business as a vehicle for doing good and impacting the world around us. While our team is passionate about technology, we care even more about bettering the communities around us as part of our shared legacy.

Multiply donates 10% of our profits back to the community. We direct giving to important causes, such as food insecurity and women and children in vulnerable situations.


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