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Our Culture

At Multiply, our success comes from the community we have built as a team. We strive to create an environment where your voice is heard, you are having fun, and you always feel supported by the people around you!

Now, we have all the other fun stuff too, company events, ping pong table, snacks, etc. But our ethos is built on so much more than that! Multipliers strive to make everyone feel like a part of the team from the moment they step in the door. If you are looking for a company filled with people looking to push you and themselves to the best they can be then Multiply could be for you.

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Our Location

We love having our whole team under one roof when we can! Our office at The Union 525 in downtown Indianapolis is uniquely equipped to handle not only our everyday office needs, but allows us to have all our computer provisioning, storage, and shipping/receiving in one location. No matter how many team members we have, our goal will always be to keep everyone together to foster great conversations and even better camaraderie!

Being a multiplier has its perks

Our Benefits


Multiply gives 10% of our profits back to our employees in the form of quarterly bonuses.


We provide our employees with a monthly health stipend to help cover their expenses.


Our team recommends you take 4 to 6 weeks of PTO throughout the year, and at least a week a quarter. And yes, our VP of People will ask you about it if you don’t take time off!


Multipliers have many opportunities to connect and enjoy time away from the office, including quarterly outings, group activities outside of work, and long standing events like our annual Family Fall Fest!

Multiply the Good - Our Why

We believe in the power of using business as a vehicle for doing good and impacting the world around us. While our team is passionate about technology, we care even more about bettering the communities around us as part of our shared legacy.

Multiply donates 10% of our profits back to the community. We direct giving to important causes, such as food insecurity and women and children in vulnerable situations.

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