Compliance Made Possible Through Automation.

The Road to Clean Data is Long, but worth it.

Andrea cared deeply about precision and accuracy and was charged with keeping tabs on device compliance for her company globally. She facilitated quarterly audits across her organization’s global footprint and needed to provide an accurate audit of each location for internal & external compliance reasons as the company could not protect what they didn’t see or know about.

The Challenge of Managing Time and Accuracy went Auditing

This process took a considerable amount of legwork both in the technicians local to each site (since their lab was shut down during the audit) and the auditors as some sites could take many hours to complete. It also took a ton of legwork on Andrea to schedule everything, prepare the post-audit results & follow up on all of the remediation efforts globally to ensure each audit lived up to Andrea’s own standards of perfection. The stakes were high for Andrea to pull off these audits quickly and successfully. Compliance mattered and while it may normally fly under the radar in terms of operational priority when done well, a single data breach or unsuccessful audit quickly became the highest priority with all eyes on Andrea, leaving everyone (especially Andrea) in a state of panic in those rare moments.

Why Andrea Chose to Partner with Multiply

Multiply offered Andrea industry expertise and a track record of success in the areas she needed the most support. Andrea also appreciated the hands-on approach and partnership mindset Multiply brought to the table, and knew she would not only have a team prepared to solve her current problem, but also any future ones that might arise for her team of IT professionals.

Our Recommendations and Action Plan

The plan and action statement were simple: build bridges, relationships & connections to empower people. Our team recommended that Andrea:

  • Streamline audit scheduling across technicians & auditors
  • Capture audit findings in real time to replace spreadsheets
  • Automate device remediation & reporting

Andrea and team were excited to take these action items and run with them, using the Multiply team of industry experts as partners in execution.

The Results

With the plan in place and action taken, Andrea found that it took considerably less time to coordinate the audits globally and the auditors found that they were able to handle the major audits in a fraction of the time it took before. Comraderie started to grow, replacing the friction that was once felt during the audit facilitation. Since the data capture was in real time, accuracy of the data went way up and the risk of a data gap dropped considerably. The automated remediation process also saved time across the organization when there was a finding, leaving more time to keep the business moving forward. Confidence was instilled into each team member who was impacted by the audit and the company had a clear picture of what they needed to protect.

Want to have the same Success as Andrea?

Contact our team today to get started on your journey to more efficient and compliant asset management.

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