A Journey to Touchless Provisioning.

An IT Superstar is Stifled by Broken Communication.

When hired, Nick was an IT technician who loved his craft. He saw great opportunities to work his way up the career ladder with his team and company and was excited to come to work everyday. He enjoyed working with technology and helping others when it didn’t, usually with a great attitude that made the person he helped feel special. That is, until broken connections halted his (and his team’s) progress.

The Challenge of Communicating with Multiple Teams

When computer builds came into the queue, Nick and his team were forced to interact with a complex web of people and systems, leaving them feeling completely disconnected and powerless. Building a computer required information from teams like HR, asset management, the hiring manager & the end user. It also required a network of data flow (usually manually flowing between systems) to get the right machine to the right person at the right time. While Nick was incredible at customer service, he was graded on # of tickets closed and incentivized to work quickly and accurately. For this reason, it was incredibly frustrating when he didn’t have the data or information he needed when he needed it to do his job.
Tensions quickly elevated in these sorts of cases as well, especially when the priorities started competing. HR was mainly focused on device delivery, while IT was mainly focused on ticket count, while the user simply wanted their new device with some understanding of how to get everything setup for them to do their own job.

Why Nick Chose to Partner with Multiply

Nick chose Multiply as his partner in solving this problem because of their consultative approach. Multiply came to the table with questions to get to the root cause of the problem Nick’s team was facing, and offered solutions custom tailored to make the greatest impact with the least amount of strain on his internal team.

Our Recommendations and Action Plan

The plan Multiply recommended was built on a foundation of building bridges, fostering relationships & connecting people. The team then worked with Nick to create deliverables that not only would solve the current problem, but help set Nick’s team up for success in the future.

  • Automate device selection, forecasting & scheduling through Multiply’s software system
  • Deliver daily digest for Nick & team to understand builds quickly based on data collection
  • Innovate journey to touchless experience

The Results

Nick felt empowered and his team was engaged again. Pride emerged and the once negative conversations turned incredibly positive for both existing employees and new hires! Nick found that they could do more as a team with less and that the accuracy of the deliveries skyrocketed. The leadership team was able to see data flow quickly & securely while costs started decreasing. Silos were replaced by bridges and the company was able to tackle bigger, more challenging & more strategic initiatives as they moved forward.

Want to have the same Success as Nick?

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