Which Certification Is Best for Software Asset Management?

Which certification is best for software asset management

Companies or IT pros who are researching IT asset management (ITAM) often wonder about how they can become more educated on the processes involved. A common route that’s explored is certifications, such as a software asset management certification. 

If you’re looking for the best ITAM certification for software asset management or ITAM in general, this article will have everything you need to know. Plus, we’ll also provide you with additional resources that can help beyond certifications. Keep reading for all the details.

What Is ITAM Certification?

An IT asset management certification is a course you can take or a credential you can earn that shows you’re proficient in the core processes of ITAM. That would include learning aspects like managing the asset lifecycle correctly, how to perform audits and asset discovery, and proper ways to manage an inventory system.

Which Course Is Best for Asset Management?

When you’re searching for ITAM training online, you’ll find there are several options that offer certifications. Here are some of the best ones that will provide you with comprehensive education.

Best Certifications for Asset Management

The best ITAM certifications include:

  • IAITAM (International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers) Certifications: IAITAM is a well-respected certifying organization. They offer certificates in many aspects of ITAM, such as hardware asset management, asset security, and mobile asset management. If you want a certificate specific to software, their CSAM certificate will be your best bet. 
  • IT Asset Management Foundation Certification: The ITAMF certification is a well-rounded option that teaches you all the core aspects of ITAM, including software asset management. It’s a great place to start for beginners that don’t know much about the overall process.
  • Pink Elephant ITAM Essentials Certification: Like the previous option, this is another good beginner choice. You’ll learn the basics required to manage all the aspects of hardware, software, and mobile assets. 


Overall, the best place to start depends on the specificity of the certification you’re looking for and your current career or business needs. If you want one that’s highly specific to software, the CSAM from IAITAM is a great way to go. Otherwise, ITAMF or Pink Elephant ITAM Essentials are a great place for beginners or for a well-rounded overview

Other Education That’s Important in ITAM

While certifications are a good place to start learning the overall process, companies and professionals who really want to take ITAM seriously will likely want more education than that. 

Ideally, your ITAM team should have pros with degrees in information technology, finance, computer science, business management, or other related fields. Degrees in aspects like these ensure your team members have a great working knowledge of how computerized systems for businesses work, along with the financial aspects involved.

Hardware Asset Management May Be a Better Place to Start

In addition to higher education above certificates, you may also want to look into hardware asset management first before software asset management. 

Your IT hardware, like hard drives and personal computers, is the backbone of your entire business operations. If those aspects aren’t running correctly, you won’t be able to make use of software assets in the first place. So while software asset management is important, make sure your hardware systems are aligned properly first. 

If you need help with that aspect, our team at Multiply can handle all your hardware asset management needs, including asset discovery, creating inventories, conducting audits, helping you deploy the right software, and more. Plus, our team is composed of highly educated, certified, and experienced IT consultants and senior service technicians to help you each step of the way.

What Does An ITAM (Manager) Do?

An ITAM manager is the person who oversees your entire ITAM system. It’s always essential to have appropriate leadership in place to ensure teams work together effectively and processes remain compliant with regulations. 

Your ITAM manager will ensure the inventory is regularly updated, oversee audits, manage scheduling for maintenance, approve budgets, and more. 

In addition, to a well-versed ITAM manager, partnering with a complete team of experts like Multiply is also an excellent idea to ensure all the processes are implemented correctly and to bridge communications between teams.

What Are the Three Main Deliverables of ITAM?

Now you’re probably wondering, once a company has a well-educated team working on ITAM, what will they get out of it?

The three core deliverables of ITAM are:

  1. Get the most value out of your IT assets. Improving asset functionality and optimizing spending helps your business process operate smoothly and benefits your bottom line. 
  2. Create organized systems for success. ITAM inventories and core processes for managing the lifecycle all help your business run on more organized processes that make managing the complexities of technology much easier. 
  3. Facilitate communication that leads to a better working environment. ITAM is meant to put processes in place, so all teams involved can communicate better with one another. It creates happier and more productive working environments for everyone involved. 


Our team at Multiply can help you achieve all these deliverables with our simplified systems that make the process much easier to manage.

Is Asset Management Part of ITIL?

Along with certifications, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) can also be an excellent resource to help you learn the best practices of ITAM. 

IT asset management as per ITIL guidelines. They outline the importance of managing asset lifecycles and the many core processes involved in each step, from asset procurement to disposition. 

If you want an educated team with a core understanding of ITIL guidelines and years of experience formulating software and best practices that can help with IT asset and data management, our team at Multiply will be an excellent partner for your needs.

How Multiply Can Help

Multiply is a team of IT consultants and senior service technicians that partner with companies to help create more streamlined systems for success with ITAM. We can assist in audits, setting up inventories, bridging communications between teams, and more to make your company’s technology easier to manage. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Multiply can help!

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